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Terms and Conditions

TBA den Hollander

A. Definitions

  1. TBA den Hollander: TBA Illustrations, established in Leiden under Chamber of Commerce no. 56817312.

  2. Customer: the person with whom TBA den Hollander has entered into an agreement.

  3. Parties: TBA den Hollander and customer together.


B. Prices services

  1. All prices that TBA den Hollander uses for its products or services, on its website or that are otherwise announced, can be changed and / or adjusted at any time by TBA den Hollander.

  2. The price for a service is determined by TBA den Hollander on the basis of the hours actually spent.


C. Payments

  1. The customer must have paid within 14 days after delivery of the product or service.


D. Consequences of late payment & cooperation

  1. If the customer does not pay within the agreed term, TBA den Hollander has the right to charge interest of 1% per month from the day that the customer is in default, whereby part of a month is counted as a whole month.

  2. If the customer refuses to cooperate with the performance of the agreement by TBA den Hollander, he is still obliged to pay the agreed price to TBA den Hollander.


E. Files & Data

  1. TBA den Hollander stores files and data for a maximum of one year from the moment the assignment is completed.

  2. The customer has the right to shorten the maximum storage date.


F. Travel Expenses

  1. Travel costs are at the expense of the customer, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.


G. Ownership & Use Right

  1. TBA den Hollander retains copyright on all designs, drawings, writings, quotations, images, sketches, models, models, etc., unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

  2. After completion and payment of the assignment, the customer automatically receives the right to use the design. The right to the work files or to adjust the design without the intervention of TBA den Hollander does not fall under this, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.


H. Governing Law

  1. Dutch law is exclusively applicable to every agreement between the parties.

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